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Send your children door to door to sell Girl Scout Cookies?

The Fuller Brush Man showed up regularly at everyone’s door and AVON calling was an experience to look forward to?

Well times have changed and our society has “evolved”.  No longer do we send our kids door to door to sell school projects and no vacuum cleaner salesman will show up at your door, only the most fool-hearty venture out and they have come to expect doors to be slammed in their faces or never opened.

However, as I said things are changing and now we do things in Groups—have car washes, food drives, and fund raisers (always remembering there is safety in numbers).

At The Pantry we have kept up with our times. Food Drives are something we have become very accomplished at.  On our Web site we have a Virtual Food Drive ( for our tech-happy contributors…click the words and shop now) who can buy anything from a truck load of groceries to a Mini-green basket of Groceries by just the click of the magic button.  For those of us who still know & speak to our neighbors we have all kinds of help available to teach them to run a wonderful food drive.  

I think all ages want to see our younger generation getting involved and giving back to their community, but we sure can’t send them to mow “old-man” Rogers  yard or pull weeds for the widow Mayberry—we might never see them again.

But…AHA!  We CAN GET THEM INVOLVED WITH A SCHOOL FOOD DRIVE,  Invite them to volunteer at The Pantry on days school is out (Lord knows there is enough of them), it’s  a WIN- WIN  situation.

And—–Drum Roll Please….. if all else fails…we do take checks, cash & change. 😀

I hope that you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I am writing it and chatting with you, however in order to continue to do that The Pantry Doors must stay open and the shelves stocked with food.



OH MY, I FEEL LIKE A  PBS  PLEDGE DRIVE (I don’t even have a tee-shirt to offer you for your pledge)

We do have three ways to help…(click the image)

1. Quarter Pounder Club:  Sign up and contribute $25 each month automatically on your credit card.

2. 49ers +1:  Sign up and contribute $50 each month automatically on your credit card.

3. C-Noter:  Sign up and contribute $100 each month automatically on your credit card.

So please get out your plastic (you techies) or your check books (I’ll send you a pen if you need one) and,  better yet, come visit us at The Pantry of Broward.

Thanks, see you next week with another fun topic.


Family Quotes: Part II

Recently during a very hectic few weeks—I found myself worn out,
exhausted—BUT…”Getting Through was NOT an option, it was a MUST!
So how did I get through??? I found my brain repeating sayings my
mother preached to me during my formative years.

It’s painful to be beautiful (while stuffing the wrinkles into my Spanx)

A little powder a little paint, makes a lady what she ain’t
while redoing my make-up preparing to go out to a family dinner
after rising at 5:30 AM, flying 4 hrs and 2 time zones, walking
a mile to baggage claim, and dinner is At 11:00 PM (my internal clock, not time zone I now was in).


Act as nice as you look – from my mom as I exited the house for the evening….

Pretty is as pretty does – final warning in case I happened to see someone I didn’t particularly like.   


To My Kids:

As they stood in front of the open fridge door mulling over what to eat..

DON’T SHOP! Get something and shut the door

As they ran out of the back door leaving it wide open…

What? Were you raised in a barn?

As they cried inconsolably over something that happened but couldn’t be helped…

No crying over spilled milk  


When they needed comforting for bruises etc…

Don’t worry, it’s too far from your heart to kill you —OR— It will be better by the time you are married. 




To teenage daughter buying new school clothes…

Pretty, but does it pass the “sit test”?
(Translation: if you sit and your underwear shows, it’s a NO)




To older teenage daughter…Everyone needs a little BLACK DRESS





 Until next week…keep on smilin


Once again the time had come to clean out the fridge, so as I pulled
out the stool to sit and go into “Robo-Clean” mode, I happened to glance
up at the fridge door itself and my mind starting careening backward in time.

I remember the pictures on my fridge when the kids were growing up,
Things like their first hand-print, colored pictures long before they stayed, or even realized that there “lines to stay inside”..and yes big magnetic letters of the alphabet to move around.


As they aged, so did their art-work, until one day you were receiving
pictures of their college days which immediately went up on the fridge.  Finally the grand children started sending and you started adding them.

But the time finally came when it was time for me to buy a new fridge, it was big and black and shiny and I wanted nothing on it, but slowly, ever so slowly things started to creep on the fridge doors   But this time it seemed to be things that amused me, I personally agreed with, or had special meaning to my life.

So yes I can say that although I never went to the store and purchased the supplies and albums necessary for Scrap-Booking…My refrigerator was actually the scrap-book of my life.

Now it’s time to open the door and get all the little containers with
green mold and furry “frosting” out of the inside and yes, once more, start all over again.

Are you a refrigerator Scrap-Booker?





See you next Wednesday. Hopefully, we’ll “talk” during the week.




Your Blogging Queen 🙂

Happy Birthday To Me

I woke up this morning, had a pulse, and went YAAAAY, I’m 72. 

Problem is, seems like just two blinks of an eye ago I was 71.
True there were warning signs that my big day was coming, I should
have noticed that my mail box was filling up with “fantastic deals”
on life insurance, long term disability insurance, pay before you
go policies from crematoriums and yes, cemeteries.

I don’t care what the calendar says, days are going faster and I no
longer live in Day Light Savings Time or Eastern Standard Time; I
live in “Time passing At Break-Neck Speed!” zone. I can remember
when I was in the 6th grade sitting on my bike staring at the garden
and wondering if summer vacation would ever end and I could get back to seeing my friends.

Then when I had kids I wondered if summer vacation would ever end and they could go back to school? But times change, and when I hear things like “time to get the Christmas Lights out “, I’m thinkin’ NO WAY,  I’m sure I just put them away……like last week.

I have noticed that I measure time differently than I used to. For
instance when work asks me to participate in a survey (yes, sad but true,  still working) and the first question is:  What are your Goals and Objectives for this year?  My first thought is seriously?; wake up every morning and stay healthy.

Let’s face it, if I haven’t obtained my goals and objectives by now,,,, what do you think the chances are that I will?? However I cherish new experiences more and consider them a precious gift; like writing this blog. A few months ago I didn’t even know what the word meant.

My birthday year in review:  I stayed healthy, didn’t break any bones, acquire any
new diseases, still have both short term and long term memory intact( for the most part)
and my roof is still over my head and I am not living in a corrugated box.

So I say Happy Birthday to Me and to all you Taurus’s out there.  It’s been a good year.
How about yours?

Fond Memories

The days when I could leave a room, enter the next and remember what I came for.

Vacations always started at 4am to get ahead of the traffic. Now I’m off the road
before dark and rarely drive out of my zip code.

I routinely met friends for dinner at 9:30pm. Now I’m in my “Jammies” by 9pm.

I lived and worked in spike heels. Now I pick out which pair of Sketches sneakers I’m wearing to work.

I remember when I didn’t have to find my bifocals to determine which tube was Poligrip and which was Cortisone.     Trust me, they are not interchangeable :-).

Random Thoughts

When the younger generation came and asked me to start a blog and share my thoughts, I said, “Sure, what’s a Blog”? I know how to free a clog in a drain, and I know how to clog on a dance floor (clogging) but blogging?????I checked with my dear friend Webster’s Dictionary, and sure enough there it was. So…the basic idea here is to throw out some thoughts to you all and have you toss back your responses. Not too hard please, I am on Plavix & Aspirin and tend to bleed very easily 🙂

There are six of us here daily representing five generations, a close knit group. Most days we’re like The Cosby Family, but some days it’s more like The Brady Bunch on Steroids.

Since I am older then television I certainly was there when computers raised their ugly heads and said, “Here we come, ready or not”. Many of us were not ready, having just mastered how to microfiche (look it up, honest) and chose to retire. I, having a tendency to be strong willed took myself to computer classes at night.

It really doesn’t matter how much about computers you know, when you go to a new job, you have to learn the software the new company uses.

When you read the phrase on your kids email “The Rents are coming” DON’T think they are paying it.

Our CEO only thought she was done with full time parenting when her child became independent, and her teaching days were completed. It isn’t our first day in the play ground; but it seems playing nicely in the sandbox and on the play ground continues to be an ongoing process right along with “Inside Voices, PLEASE”.

They say I give the very best tour of everyone connected with The Pantry. Want to know why? Because, I lived through it all. How many of you remember when Social Security was only taken out of your salaries for a few months out of the year? Our salaries were not exactly the same as today’s rates. As a college graduate I earned $244.00 a month Gross, then they took out taxes and then Social Security.

I remember when Woolworth’s was a real five and dime store. I would put in the “cents” symbol, but it seems to be missing from my keyboard only the $ sign remains.

How do you get today’s generation to understand that if you took over the family farm when Dad retired,(expecting to die at age 67) that now that’s he’s 87 & you are 67 you haven’t got anything to help him with.

No matter how we planned and budgeted, we never in our wildest imaginations planned to be living in today’s world. Lately it’s come to my attention that today’s generation isn’t really equipped to live in today’s world either.

The other day one of the “teenyboppers” in our close family told me in a voice of real concern that he has been out of college for 4 yrs now, and even though he is eating the same things now as he did then, his grocery bill has doubled, and seriously just how was he supposed to budget for that?

One year ago I was routinely paying $4.99 – $6.00 for Folgers/Maxwell house coffee. Today it is pricing out at $13.00 for the same container unless you catch it on a SPECIAL, FOR $9.99, SUCH A DEAL.

Think it is very interesting that Social Security recipients did not receive a cost of living raise in January as the price of food had not gone up. Then came February……what do you think they are going to come up with this year for an excuse?

So is a 71 year old too old to buy a used Mini RV? Let’s face it, if the bank is willing to give me 100% financing for 15 years, whose worry is it really? It’s certainly the easiest way to carry all my meds around, and I always have a bathroom at my disposal. :-D.

It’s sad when you actually start reading & enjoying the AARP magazine they have been sending you for the last 12 years.
Why is it every driver in Florida says that Florida has the worst drivers, and yet everyone in Florida seems to be from somewhere else.

Seniors who spent their lives preaching that there is “No such thing as a free lunch” & “If it seems too good to be true it probably is” are now getting scammed on a daily basis?

Why does someone always wait until you are leaving the room to ask you a question?

It’s a sad thing when you are shaking the salt shaker and your peripheral vision sees your “turkey flab” under your arm bouncing with each shake.
My worst privacy fears used to be that someone was listening to my conversation on the extension phone.

Remember when: everyone wrote their phone numbers on their checks, adults actually carried cash to pay for their sodas and hamburgers, the military used the soldiers social security number for their Dog Tags, and no one else actually knew “the last four digits of their SS #. No one needed to get a social security number until they actually started to work.

Things I know, Raised the kids by, and Lived by

My kids were always a little bit more afraid of me than they were of the police

When they said, “But Mom, if you were my friend”… my standard answer was, “But I am not your friend I am your mother”

Rule # 1.  Never embarrass your mother

Rule # 2.  Have deep cover available if you do


You never stop being a parent, just as in the work force you go from full-time to part-time

When children are little they step on your toes, when they are big they step on your heart.
Everyone needs some kind of structure in their lives and guide-lines and boundaries. Trust me, everyone tests the boundaries now and then to see if by chance they might have changed.

I resent when a 20 year old who doesn’t know me feels free to call me by my first name

I find that having a master’s degree in manipulation is very helpful. Much easier to get someone to do something when they think it was their idea.

Did you ever notice that the older your kids get the more intelligent you become?  When they are in their teens you are bordering on idiocy and completely clueless, by the time they are in their early 20s you have become fairly intelligent, and by their 30s they are seeking your advice.

If you want to win the war, choose your battles carefully

Remember When?

Since I still have my long term memory intact, let’s us play REMEMBER WHEN????
HOW ABOUT THE ‘50s…..There was one phone in your home and your parents gave you permission to use it.

It took two grown men to move the monstrous black and white Television set in the living room and it needed just the right amount of tinfoil on the rabbit ears.  Punching the color button in the bag of oleo to mix it from white to orange wasn’t near as much fun as it looked like.

Your chores had to be done before you could be with your friends.

Girls were not allowed to wear slacks in school and young men dressed in shirts and slacks.   Jeans were only for the garden/yard work and NEVER worn up town.

Prom nite meant decorating the Gym and your parents stopped by to take pictures.

The family sat at the kitchen table every nite for dinner.

HOW ABOUT… Drive In theaters, roller skating rinks, ice skating on ponds, and going to McDonalds for a .25 hamburger?